Month: November, 2013

Stuck on Feeling

Dishonored is often visually stunning though I’m finding myself distracted by how the game treats characters.  NPCs chatter about their personal lives before transitioning into marching patterns.  The denizens and soldiers of the world, who make up the vast majority of the population, do not matter outside of serving as gameplay complications.  Dishonored offers rewarding freedom in movement- and excels when this is the focal point- but fails to connect with tactile character development and relationships.  Though the game succeeds in fusing the player with the independence of movement in a play-space, I find myself longing for a connection to an otherwise detailed world.


Dead Man Walking

Having recently played the Source mod No Room in Hell I found myself thinking about chaos in play- specifically, how games can be reduced to variations on controlling chaos in a play-space.  Within this consideration, No Room in Hell feels reckless to the degree it requires the players to intuit progress with goal completion.    As someone mentioned while a few of us played through the campaign, No Room in Hell  serves as a zombie simulator- a contrast to the arcade gameplay and presentation of L4D.  No Room in Hell offers a consistently terse and often unfair experience.  Yet, I eagerly await getting together with a group of peeps and giving the game a whirl again.

Less Words

So, I didn’t keep to one piece of writing a month.   I’m going to switch to trying out some smaller notes on a more regular basis, to see if that is more of a natural fit for this space.