A few protacted words

by demonboxed

So I haven’t been as regular with this blog I anticipated I would be. It’s been nine months since I last posted. I have been writing. I have a silly idea that won’t matter, so of course I’m pretty stoked.

Last year I posted a few articles under the moniker “A few scant words…” I have no idea if they were any good to read but they were a lot of fun to write. The idea is that I offer a 5 sentence critique of a game. With such a small space its tough to go deep while making sure that any criticisms are properly balanced with how I actually feel about a game.

Anyway, I’ll probably spend this year finishing reviews of games I’ve played in 2014. The plan is that I’ll then post these reviews periodically throughout next year.

Its so important for me not to be presumptuous, I’m not writing these because I feel there is a public pining for my thoughts. Rather, its a fun practice and I’m looking forward to seeing how the reviews all come out.

Anyway, have a good night.